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The mission of the Boys & Girls Club is to enable all youth, especially those who need us the most, to reach their full potential as caring productive citizens. Through the Boys & Girls Club Career Central Workforce Development Program, participants will get a head start on today’s evolving fast paced workforce.


It is our steadfast goal to equip our local youth for success with the BGCCC workforce development program. However, this program will need full support from local businesses and community entities who are willing to serve to better OUR Community as a whole. 


Employers Sign Up Today!


It’s never too early to jump start your career as a nurse, lawyer, fireman, auto repair technician, truck driver, or even a famous music producer! The best place to start your future successful and productive career is the BGCCC workforce development program, We are seeking motivated 12-18yr old individuals who are ready to lay the pathway to their #GreatFuture.


Opportunities available through BGCCC include: 

    1.    College & Career Exposure & Planning,

    2.    Money Management Training

    3.    CPR/ First Aid Certification

    4.    Job Shadowing 

    5.    Paid & unpaid Internship opportunities

    6.    College Tours, Career Camps & more…


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